RSC EnviroLogic® LO 46 wire rope, cable & chain lubricant is a readily biodegradable, low toxicity ISO 46 grade oil for use in heavy duty wire rope, cable and chain lines. It is based on natural ester technology and is a direct replacement for mineral oil based chain oils. RSC EnviroLogic LO 46 exceeds the requirements of petroleum based wire rope, cable and chain lubricants and has excellent antiwear characteristics.

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  • Wire Ropes
  • General Purpose
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LO 46 46 Data Sheet Safety Sheet


What does biodegradability actually mean?
Biodegradability is defined as the ability of a substance to be digested or consumed by naturally occurring microorganisms present in water, air and soil systems. Complete biodegradability is the conversion of a substance to carbon dioxide and water.
What differentiates Inherently Biodegradable from Readily Biodegradable?
Inherently biodegradable is defined as the characteristic of a product to be consumed by naturally occurring organisms in nature over an indefinite period of time (> 20% but < 60% as measured by OECD 301B testing). This characteristic is defined by the original composition of the product). Readily biodegradable is defined as the ability of a product to biodegrade quickly and completely (≥ 60% by OECD 301/ASTM D7373 testing).