Extensive lab testing and field demonstrations have proven that RSC Bio Solutions’ lubricants perform as well as—and in many cases better than—petroleum based alternatives. Whether in sub zero temperatures or in high pressure applications like those of industrial hydraulic systems, these readily biodegradable products work. And work well. It’s why our products are used by so many original equipment manufacturers—and why, if you haven’t already, it’s time to switch.

RSC Bio Solutions’ EnviroLogic® lubricants have a broader operating temperature range, superior lubricity and antiwear characteristics resulting in longer changeover intervals and extended equipment life.

Formulated for use in low temperature applications
High dielectric properties
Great performance in extreme temperatures


The EPA, as well as state and municipal governments, mandates compliance with various regulations. Converting from petroleum based fluids to readily biodegradable fluids can help your company do just that. Even better, though, it can help lower the overall cost of your operation. For starters, any leakage or spill of an RSC Bio Solutions’ product biodegrades and leaves behind no heavy metals.

These readily biodegradable fluids break down into water and carbon dioxide—biodegrading ≥ 60% or greater in 28 days (according to OECD 301B or ASTM D7373 methods), potentially leaving you with fewer fines, lower remediation costs and less downtime.

The EnviroLogic series of products has passed the Vickers and Denison pump tests that measure key component wear—with flying colors. Add to that EnviroLogic’s compatibility with seals and elastomer materials and its well-established  use on utility fleets across America and it’s safe to say, EnviroLogic® hydraulic fluids are proven to perform as well as or better than petroleum based products.

Not to mention, the public perception of a company utilizing sustainable methods and products is much more positive than that of one cleaning up after yet another petroleum based incident. And perceptions certainly affect bottom lines.

Low conductivity
Helps build goodwill—not negative publicity
Readily biodegradable products biodegrade ≥ 60% within 28 days*


Maximizing value for your operations requires adherence to changing regulations without sacrificing your fleet’s performance. There’s no better—or simpler—way to do that than by phasing out and replacing hazardous, petroleum based chemicals with RSC Bio Solutions’ readily biodegradable products. And the good news is you can get the full line of products, from hydraulic fluids and greases to cleaners and solvents, in one place, from one supplier.

Utility Fleets Applications

Our uniquely engineered products are effective for use in the following applications:

  • Hydraulic power systems: bucket lifts, ladders, winches, cranes, digger derricks, trailers
  • Mobile hydraulic equipment, chain saws and grinders for right-of-way management
  • Power plant submersible pumps, lock and dam hydraulics
  • Hydraulic security barriers
  • Waterless stain removal in shops
  • Truck and equipment washing
  • Oil or grease cleanup in MRO facilities
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