The RSC FUTERRA HF Series is the first of its kind. These renewable hydrocarbon EALs are designed to withstand extreme conditions and corrosion while operating in severe outdoor environments. It is intended for severe service, extreme high temperature (250°F / 121°C), low temperature (-40°F / -40°C) and high pressure (5000+psi) applications. Its excellent oxidative and hydrolytic stability and near zero foaming tendency ensure that the fluids will last much longer than other EALs and conventional oils. FUTERRA offers greater flexibility and the ultimate system compatibility – offering drop-in replacement and broad seal compatibility. The RSC FUTERRA High Performance HF series was specially designed for industrial applications where incidental environmental exposure of the lubricant is a cause for concern.

  • Ecolabel Certified
  • 2013 EPA VGP Compliant
  • Non-sheening
  • Drop-in replacement for mineral oil based lubricants
Product Number ISO Grade Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
HF 32 32 Data Sheet Safety Sheet
HF 46 46 Data Sheet Safety Sheet
HF 68 68 Data Sheet Safety Sheet
HF 100 100 Data Sheet Safety Sheet