Do EnviroLogic® products cost more?

An EnviroLogic® product cost relative to petroleum oils will depend greatly on petroleum oil utilized. Our customers tell us that EnviroLogic® products save them more overall:

  • Little, if any, protective equipment needed
  • Lower shipping, handling and containment costs
  • Lower cleanup costs
  • Lower regulatory costs and reduced risk of fines
  • Potentially longer changeover intervals

Can you guarantee that your fluids will not cause issues with equipment?

EnviroLogic® readily biodegradable products have been thoroughly evaluated both in performance testing and in the field. The products meet or exceed the performance requirements of most major equipment manufacturers. EnviroLogic® products meet all relative API, ASTM, and other industry standards.

RSC Bio Solutions stands behind its products and will underwrite any proven lubricant-related field failure, not warranted by the equipment manufacturer, caused from the use of these products and substantiated by records documenting the proper use of the fluids.

It is required for this General Product Warranty that any fluid that has prior service use in the field must have been utilized and handled according to equipment manufacturer requirements and standard lubrication practices. This would include the availability of appropriate maintenance records. RSC Bio Solutions warrants only EnviroLogic® fluid performance. This product warranty will apply to all EnviroLogic® products that are commercially available.