How do I know when to replace the EnviroLogic® product I am using?

Always follow the original equipment manufacturer’s suggested oil change frequency requirements or conduct regular oil sampling and analysis to determine exactly when oil needs to be changed. RSC Bio Solutions works closely with our customers to develop oil sampling and analysis programs. Please contact your sales representative to learn more.

Are there any special procedures I should follow when replacing the petroleum oil product I currently use with EnviroLogic®?

The flush and fill procedure to convert to EnviroLogic® products is as simple as the cleaning and maintenance procedure you currently use for scheduled care of your equipment. Although it is not required, we recommend flushing the hydraulic system with EnviroLogic® BioFlush before filling with the appropriate hydraulic fluid.

A residual amount of petroleum oil will remain in the sump of the equipment. This will have no effect on the performance of the EnviroLogic® fluid.

For further detailed equipment flushing procedures, please contact us at (800) 661-3558 for EnviroLogic® Changeover Procedure.