Post Pandemic Trends – Resiliency – by Mike Guggenheimer

June 9, 2022

As most of the world emerges from Covid-related travel restrictions, I have been able to spend more time face-to-face with customers and other leaders.  It strikes me how different the conversations are after these last two challenging years. For RSC Bio Solutions, interest in and use of our technologies have been largely driven by environmental and operational risk mitigation. Specifically, incidental discharge of spills and leaks by marine vessels or mobile equipment operating in and around water or sensitive environments that can negatively impact the operator’s brand, expose the company to risk of fines, and cause downtime and costly remediation.

This particular concern still exists. In fact, it is increasing.  But there are new challenges growing in importance stemming from the unprecedented business and economic disruptions caused by the COVID pandemic, COVID-related supply chains issues, and geopolitical instabilities providing a new perspective on this risk.  With risk, comes opportunities for leaders to differentiate.

The more immediate impact of the disruptions of the last few years is an increased focus on sustainability as a key business strategy to reduce supply chain and operational risks. In this view, resiliency is the desired outcome of a wholistic view of sustainability. The partners we work with and the leaders I have been speaking with lately are looking at developing a supply base and sourcing strategy designed to minimize potential downtime, delays and shortages. Sustainable technology, through this lens, can mean solutions that are less dependent on petroleum price volatility, ones that reduce the risk of downtime, or options that have broader applicability and compatibility with existing systems, regulations, and stakeholder requirements. We can expect additional disruptions and shocks to the system, but the last two years have exposed the need to develop operational strategies that allow for a quick recovery.

RSC Bio has been at the forefront of high performance, more sustainable technology development for nearly 40 years. With best-in-class performance and extensive OEM approvals for a wide range of environmentally acceptable solutions, we increasingly find ourselves acting as a guide, working with fleet operators to explore how green technologies can be part of a broader resiliency strategy. Now more than ever, these explorations are centered on developing a roadmap that anticipates the next disruption rather than hoping for the best.

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