Eastern Maritime Forum (virtual)

In this video from the May 25, 2021, Technical Sales Consultant, Thomas TO, shares with Eastern Maritime Conference participants how RSC Bio can help vessel operators implement smarter and more sustainable lubricant solutions.

Virtual Workshop: Lubricant Selection, Performance and Monitoring Best Practices

Biolubricants can offer equipment owners and operators more advanced lubricant technology than petroleum derived alternatives as well as offering regulatory compliance, environmental and sustainability advantages.  Biolubricants can also offer a better through life cost than their petroleum derived substitutes. Decades of experience point to a lower cost of ownership because of the advanced technology engineered into these offerings.  RSC Bio’s VP of Technology, Dr. Larry Beaver, and Anne Otto, Senior Applications Development Manager, share these findings and confirm that biolubricants are ready for mainstream use.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Just how feasible bio-lubricants are for the maritime industry
  • What are the different types of bio-lubricants
  • Why does it matter to the maritime industry
  • How can the return on investment be maximized

Sustainable Shipping Forum 2030 October 28, 2020

For more than 30 years, RSC Bio Solutions has been serving global marine fleets and heavy equipment operators with advanced technologies including high performance, regulatory compliant sustainable lubricants, cleaners and degreasers to meet demanding performance requirements without negative environmental impact. RSC Bio also offer high performance, safer cleaning, disinfecting and extended surface protection technologies to help our marine customers safely continue operations while protecting their greatest asset – employees.  We look forward to sharing how RSC Bio can help forum participants implement smarter and more sustainable solutions today.

American LNG Forum July 28, 2020

A lubricant strategy based on advanced, proven biotechnology can be part of a bigger mission to reduce total cost of ownership, increase uptime, streamline across fleets, comply with current and emerging environmental regulations as well as build and protect your brand. Learn about more sustainable, environmentally friendly and VGP compliant lubricants for offshore production and marine applications from RSC Bio’s Dr. Larry Beaver and MacDermid’s Scott Kopsick.