Enhancing Sustainability, Performance and Efficiency through Fluid Choice

Committed to empirical analysis and continuous improvement, Höegh Wallem Ship Management noticed some inconsistencies in fluid performance and some issues with leaks, which they attributed to the ester-based lubricants they were using in their stern tubes. Höegh turned to AEGIR-Marine, a respected international provider of service and parts for stern tube seal and propulsion systems, for outside perspective on addressing these issues. AEGIR-Marine introduced Höegh to RSC Bio Solutions and its line of sustainable solutions. AEGIR-Marine’s engineers were very familiar with RSC Bio Solutions, having certified their products for use in the systems they service, and being aware of RSC Bio Solutions’ reputation for developing unique EAL formulations designed to stand up to tough conditions.


Cleaning bulk cargo holds between shipments can be a messy job. When it comes to selecting industrial cleaning products, performance and safety are of utmost importance. In order to meet the needs of their operations, as well as regulatory demands, vessel operators seek high performing products that won’t harm cargo hold surfaces, people or the marine environment in which they operate.

Seaspan Marine

Vessel fleets face an increasing number of environmentally focused regulations, adding complexity to their operations and creating urgency around compliance. These regulatory requirements, however, do not offset an operator’s need for products that perform consistently well. With the right readily biodegradable lubricants, marine transportation companies can see performance benefits that can save time and money, while further protecting the environments in which they operate.