During this webinar, RSC Bio Solutions discusses how the landscape is changing in the world of industrial lubricants and how you, and your fleet, can be best prepared for what’s to come.

RSC Bio Solutions’ VP of Research & Development and VP of Marketing & Business Development share their expertise on this incredibly important topic as it relates to:

  • New Product Development to address industry demand for enhanced sustainability combined with performance
  • Evolving Performance Requirements including technological enhancements, hydrolytic stability, etc.
  • Operational Improvements
  • Being Prepared for Regulation Changes
  • Importance of Forging Strategic Partnerships
  • Sustainable Lubricant Requirements Expanding into Other Industries

During the webinar, we share what led to the launch of FUTERRA, the first and only hydrocarbon EAL on the market, as well as our point of view as it concerns what is coming next in our industry and beyond.