RSC EnviroLogic® Greases(formerly EnviroLogic® 800 Series)

The RSC EnviroLogic® Greases are VGP compliant, biodegradable Lithium Complex greases designed to operate in severe outdoor environments and withstand corrosion. These greases were specifically designed for multi-purpose high performance industrial applications where incidental environmental exposure is a cause for concern. They operate in equipment/systems over a wide temperature range in applications that include deck cranes and other moving parts on ships, as well as construction equipment, garage doors and more. Plus, they demonstrate excellent low temperature pumpability, extreme pressure/antiwear protection and oil separation stability during storage. The RSC EnviroLogic® Greases greases are biodegradable and will not cause harm to aquatic life or animals.

  • 2013 EPA VGP Compliant
Product Number ISO Grade Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Greases 0 0 Data Sheet Safety Sheet
Greases 1 1 Data Sheet Safety Sheet
Greases 2 2 Data Sheet Safety Sheet