It’s Getting Easier Being Green: Green Business Trends for 2016 by Mike Guggenheimer

October 31, 2016

I recently came across an interesting article outlining some key trends and progress in corporate sustainability initiatives. It identifies several “next big things” that could have a major impact on our customers and the markets we serve. Among these are the b-to-b sharing/collaborative economy, green infrastructure and the blue economy.

The B2B collaborative economy monetizes underutilized assets and uses technology to connect them to markets, allowing companies to buy and maintain fewer assets, such as pieces of equipment or fleet vehicles to reduce their carbon footprints while reducing costs.  This is already having significant implications for fleet-based industries and shipping.

Green infrastructure seeks to solve urban and climatic challenges by building with nature. Better storm water management and other clean water efforts are a cornerstone of this movement. Given RSC Bio Solutions’ involvement in controlling land-based runoff and marine pollution, these are a natural complement to our own efforts to create a safer, cleaner environment and could have a major effect on municipal customers and prospects.

According to Joel Makower, “Another area of focus is the growth of the ‘blue economy’ — the newfound focus on the business of oceans, from mapping and mining to stewardship and ‘smart sailing’.” As Vessel General Permit requirements progress to smaller vessels and focus intensifies on large and small spill and leak prevention and attention turns to upstream marine pollution emanating from land-based spills, marine operators will need to adopt additional measures and land-based operators are likely to face increasing regulatory pressures to adopt more sustainable practices and products.

We encourage you to read the report on the collective progress of corporate sustainability. Armed with this information, you can Keep Moving. Forward.

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