Leading Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant Manufacturer RSC Bio Solutions Launches “Every Spill Counts” Environmental Education Campaign

September 29, 2016

Campaign aimed at informing the public and industry on ties between and dangers of land-based and marine pollution 

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (September 26, 2016) – RSC Bio Solutions, a global leader in environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs) and cleaners, has recently launched a new education campaign aimed at informing industry and the general public on the causes and dangerous effects of petroleum-based oil spills and leaks on both land and water and the importance of adopting sustainable business and personal practices in protecting “The Three Ps” – People, Planet and Profits.

The centerpiece of the campaign, which highlights key data and legislative requirements on these topics, is a new microsite: www.everyspillcounts.com which features two new infographics: Every Spill Counts and The Future of Petroleum-Based Spill and Leak Regulations. Other campaign components include byline articles, speaking presentations, white papers, and a revamped company website, www.rscbio.com, which provides new content focused on the company’s mission to provide sustainable, high-performing solutions for unforgiving environments and meet the demanding needs of operations, while also reducing environmental and employee risk.

“While there has been heavy media and regulatory focus on large marine-related spills and leaks, the rules and attention are far less for land-based and smaller spills, which are equally dangerous to the environment,” said Lisa Clark, vice president of marketing and market development, RSC Bio Solutions.  “As a biochemical, technological and environmental leader, we are committed to not only creating a better world by spearheading the development of sustainable technologies but to also creating products that are cost-effective and allow for easy conversion. This campaign is an outward manifestation of that vision.”

In addition to outlining possible legislative changes and explaining safer alternatives to petroleum-based products, the microsite and infographics highlight illustrative data points:

  • While many believe marine pollution happens from marine sources, land-based and urban runoff sources contribute more than half the pollution introduced into American coastal waterways each year.
  • Industry spills alone contribute more than 9 million gallons of oil to U.S. land and groundwater resources each year.
  • A single hydraulic leak of one drop per second is equal to 420 gallons of oil per 12-month period.

The effort comes on the heels of the launch of RSC Bio Solutions’ new FUTERRATM Ecolabel certified environmentally acceptable lubricant.  This new “fluid of the future” meets global sustainability requirements now and well into the future with enhanced equipment and fluid performance, essentially countering nearly all current barriers to EAL adoption.  While the product launch has initially been focused on marine operations, the company believes that by educating land-based operators on the dangers of even small spills, they will be moved to take action.

“We’ve taken a quantum leap forward with the development of FUTERRATM, and, while we expect the industry will be very interested in learning what they can do to help protect the 3 P’s, we encourage everyone to use the online tools we’ve developed to better understand the true impact of this type of pollution and our common ability to improve our environment by making simple changes in the way we work, live and do business,” added Clark.

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