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October 21, 2020

by Scott Sickmiller,

Vice President, Operations

One late afternoon recently, our sales representative fielded a call from a global marine operator who had a vessel headed to Asia Pacific with a stern tube system issue urgently necessitating the need for new lubricant.  The system issue was reportedly due to use of a HEES  (hydraulic fluid environmental synthetic ester) lubricant from an oil major that didn’t stand up to the performance demanded and support wasn’t readily available from the HEES fluid supplier.

Our sales rep, working in concert with RSC Technical Service and Operations teams in Cleveland, Ohio, and Charlotte, NC, was able quickly confirm the necessary stern tube and seal OEM approvals, ship the critically needed 8 drums of Futerra™ Hydraulic Fluid 100 iso grade product to deliver port side within 10 hours of the first call from the operator.  We are now assisting the operator with routine sampling, monitoring and analysis of the Futerra lubricant to provided added peace of mind.

In addition to offering only advanced performance, environmentally acceptable lubricants, RSC Bio Solutions offers best in class service, support and the most comprehensive OEM approval set in the Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants category.

Please get in touch with the team at sales@rscbio.com if you would like to learn more about EALs, the effects of water on many types of lubricants and equipment, or oil monitoring and analysis services.

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