RSC Bio EnviroLogic 2 WREP Grease Performance Demo

July 4, 2018

Doug Adams, Senior Product Development Chemist at RSC Bio Solutions, performs a demonstration comparing our RSC EnviroLogic Grease 2 WREP – which is a biodegradable Polyalphaolefin (PAO) and hydrocarbon related type, Lithium Complex grease – to a Biodegradable Lithium complex grease made with a refined vegetable base oil. As we are testing these greases for their performance and water is sprayed directly onto the grease, we believe that it is a means of determining how well the grease will adhere to metal surfaces. It is important to maintain a layer of grease on your equipment as this helps increase the life span of your equipment and it reduces the down time that comes with additional maintenance (applying) of grease. Play the video to see the demonstration.

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