New! EnviroLogic® Multi-Purpose Grease 2

November 17, 2020

By Douglas Adams, Senior Product Development Chemist

There is a growing emphasis on the use of high performance, Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) that align well to sustainability strategies of companies which reduce operating and reputational risks including industrial and mining applications.

EnviroLogic® Multi-Purpose Grease 2 is a cost effective, versatile, biodegradable lubricant that can be used in many applications to reduce wear and friction. This lubricant will seal out contaminants like water and debris in chassis and general-purpose applications.

Too often greases that qualify as EALs must be re-applied frequently to perform like mineral oil-based greases. Some of the reason that frequent reapplication is required are:

Unstable thickener formation – Some base oils do not effectively solubilize the thickener, which causes excessive oil bleed and grease softening.

Minimal amounts of extreme pressure and anti-wear additives in the formulation to reduce cost and meet EAL requirements will not durably protect the equipment to which it is applied.

Many EAL greases are not formulated with effective polymers, and consequently do not withstand direct water spray resulting in wash off.

EnviroLogic® Multi-Purpose Grease 2 is an Extreme Pressure grease designed to replace mineral oil-based greases that can be used in similar applications and reduce wear and friction.

This lithium complex grease is well suited to high humidity environments due to the polymers, steel and copper corrosion inhibitors included in our formula to provide a barrier to corrosion that will extend the life of the equipment that it is applied.   Additionally, it is compatible with most greases in the market, so changeover is easier.

At RSC Bio, we understand the performance demanded in industrial and mining applications and have designed our grease products to deliver performance without environmental tradeoffs.  Let us help you Solve Smarter.

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