NEW EnviroLogic® Grease 1 WREP Applications in Wind Turbine Installation and Service

November 11, 2020

 by Douglas Adams, Senior Product Development Chemist

Wind Turbines are a renewable and sustainable alternative for electricity generation and the use of high performance, Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) in installation and maintenance of wind turbines aligns well to the overall sustainability mission.  Let’s review applications for EnviroLogic Grease 1 WREP (water resistant, extreme pressure high performance) and why it is a better choice than commonly used coatings on the market today.

 Jack Up Legs

Jack Up boats are effective in shallow water to stabilize the vessel while the Wind turbine components are hoisted into position during the installation process and servicing. During normal operation of a Jack Up boat, three Jack Up legs are raised or lowered in the water to stabilize the vessel during which time EnviroLogic Grease 1 WREP is self-applied from stationary rings surrounding each leg to lubricate and protect the legs from corrosion and excessive wear.

Wire Ropes

The cranes that are used to hoist the parts from the Jack Up boat during installation and service of wind turbines most often utilize steel wire ropes. The maintenance of wire ropes in marine environments has long been a difficult task due to the need for the lubricant to penetrate the outer and inner wire strands, provide extreme pressure protection and prevent corrosion.

The EnviroLogic Grease WREP family of greases has been thoroughly evaluated in terms of steel corrosion with ASTM B 117 Salt Fog test and no corrosion was detected in the test area after 1,000 hours. EnviroLogic WREP family of greases has been used on wire ropes effectively for over three years with only positive feedback.

To safely ensure optimal lubrication of wire rope, the first step is to clean the cable before introducing a flowable lubricant which can penetrate beyond outer strands through to the inner strands of the wire rope.

 VIPER Wire Rope Cleaning and  Lubrication System

RSC Bio Solutions has teamed with Viper to offer our customers a wire rope cleaning and lubrication system proven to consistently provide lubrication to both the outer and inner strands of wire in the wire rope and extend wire rope life significantly.

The Viper system was developed specifically for wire rope applications; first it removes any debris that accumulates on used wire rope and then, as the cable passes through the Viper System, EnviroLogic Grease 1 WREP is applied under air pressure into and onto the wire rope penetrating enabling penetration beyond outer strands.

EnviroLogic Grease 1 WREP was engineered specifically to flow at lower temperatures and penetrate wire ropes more consistently.  Its adhesive characteristics enable EnviroLogic Grease 1 WREP to remain on the cable longer, retain its flexibility as a lubricant and offers 400 kgf Four Ball Weld that reduces the friction between the steel wires.

Many of the products offered for wire ropes are not lubricants at all – offering little to no extreme pressure protection and frequently cracking under flex. To learn more about EnviroLogic Grease1 WREP and Viper lubrication systems or how it compares to your current coating product, contact RSC Bio technical representatives to help your company Solve Smarter.

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