FUTERRA™ ISO 32, 46 hydraulic fluids Achieve Blue Angel Certification

March 16, 2022

FUTERRA™ ISO 32 and 46 viscosity hydraulic fluids are Blue Angel certified.

The Blue Angel is an environmental label in Germany that has been awarded to environmentally friendly products and services since 1978. This certification of FUTERRA™ 32 and FUTERRA™ 46 hydraulic fluids qualify the fluids for consideration in applications such as construction equipment and agricultural uses as well as marine and offshore equipment.

FUTERRA™ hydraulic fluids are produced with fully sustainable, plant-based, synthetic hydrocarbon (HEPR) base oil technology. FUTERRA™ lubricants are also known for their high stability and long lifetimes under the harshest conditions.

Additionally, FUTERRA™ hydraulic fluids also bear the EU Ecolabel certification and are fully US EPA Vessel General Permit compliant EALs (environmentally acceptable lubricants).

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