June 17, 2020

INDIAN TRAIL, NC – The new Clean Safely platform powered by RSC Bio Solutions launched today, providing curated solutions that meet the escalating challenge to safely eliminate viral threats in public, commercial, and industrial spaces. A legacy company with 30 years of experience in the high-performance sustainable space for both marine and land applications, RSC Bio Solutions has a successful history of developing environmentally-friendly products for diverse industry applications.

Clean Safely offers businesses a future-proof protocol to clean with confidence. RSC Bio Solutions designed Clean Safely as a holistic solution to simplify what has recently posed a complex challenge for multiple industry sectors, including manufacturing and distribution, transportation, governments and municipalities, and healthcare, senior and childcare facilities. By focusing the three pillars of cleaning, disinfecting and maintaining, the protocol breaks down these processes into easy-to-manage steps, supported by high-performance products.

“There is so much noise and confusion surrounding how to clean and disinfect public premises that we decided to turn our in-depth industry knowledge into curating simple, clear-cut solutions,” said Mike Guggenheimer, RSC Bio Solutions’ President and CEO. “We see our role as a trusted advisor with the expertise and products to help businesses and industries prepare spaces to open safely and efficiently, keep operations moving and maintain clean and safe working environments during re-opening and for the future.”

Clean Safely products have been thoroughly vetted by the RSC Bio Solutions research and development team and selected based on their versatility, ease of use and effectiveness. The platform was built for flexibility in order to tailor individualized protocols that meet specific industry requirements pertaining to space, frequency, manpower and equipment.

The first component of Clean Safely always focuses on the essential – but often overlooked – step of deep cleaning surfaces to ensure they are free of the dust, grime and dirt that attract viral and bacterial particles. For example, the protocol’s EnviroLogic CSR-2000 Cleaner is meant for large surface areas and industrial use. For smaller spaces, the company’s widely-recognized GUNK brand Biodegradable General Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser in a ready-to-use trigger spray bottle and GUNK Multi-Purpose Wipes are effective for quick and easy application.

After the overall surface is clean, the next step in Clean Safely is to disinfect the area. The platform features the sanitizer and disinfectant cleaner BIOESQUE, which is unique in the marketplace because it does not require rinsing, even on food contact surfaces. BIOESQUE is registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a Broad-Spectrum Botanical Disinfectant Solution and is also registered in the NSF International Nonfood Compounds Registration Program. It has an efficacy of 99.99 percent sanitation for killing a full range of disease-causing viruses, including Human Coronavirus, in one minute. It provides the same level of sanitation for bacteria, fungi and molds.

“Our best defense against another outbreak is shared knowledge, best-in-class products and the discipline to follow strict industry-appropriate protocol,” said Larry Beaver, Ph.D., Clean Safely Vice President of Research and Development. “As technologists with a long history of performance in environmental technology, we are uniquely qualified to curate this holistic platform and enter the space of safe, healthy and high-performing cleaning and disinfecting solutions.”

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