Hydraulic fluid spills and leaks from mowers and maintenance equipment are impossible to prevent. And with petroleum based products, that means dead, brown turf that has to be replaced. It’s a turf management professional’s worst nightmare—having to close down a green or fairway for repairs resulting in unhappy golfers, negative perceptions and potentially lost revenues. RSC Bio Solutions formulated EnviroLogic® lubricants to address that.

EnviroLogic is a line of high performance lubricants and functional fluids that minimizes the negative impact of a hydraulic leak or spill on turf. They are readily biodegradable fluids that break down into water and carbon dioxide—biodegrading ≥ 60% or greater in 28 days (according to OECD 301B or ASTM D7373 methods)—allowing the turf to regenerate on its own.

Readily biodegradable products biodegrade ≥ 60% within 28 days*
Less lasting damage to turf and quicker regeneration


In addition to its turf protection qualities, EnviroLogic was engineered and formulated for better equipment performance. Because EnviroLogic offers superior lubricity and antiwear characteristics, you’ll benefit from having longer changeover intervals and extended equipment life.

In fact, the EnviroLogic series of products has passed the Vickers and Denison pump tests that measure key component wear—with flying colors. Add to that, EnviroLogic’s compatibility with seals and elastomer materials and its well-established  use on golf courses across America and it’s safe to say, EnviroLogic hydraulic fluids perform as well as—and in many cases better than—their petroleum based counterparts. No wonder turf management and golf course superintendents are benefiting from lower repair and remediation costs with less downtime.

The SAFECARE® line of cleaners and solvents works just as well. The powerful, industrial strength, readily biodegradable products don’t compromise on performance. They’re minimally toxic—meaning they’re safer for users and safer for the environment.

Proven in the field for more than 20 years
High performance under extreme pressure
Excellent wear characteristics and longer fluid life
Compatibility with conventional seal and elastomer materials


Keeping your course or grounds operating smoothly is no small feat. For turf professionals in today’s competitive environment, having healthy, lush turf is just the start. Operating efficiencies, lowering equipment and maintenance costs and avoiding costly damage to turf that can lead to significant repairs—and sometimes catastrophic recovery, resurfacing or reconstruction costs—is the new bottom line. Join the turf professionals around the world who are enjoying the benefits of using readily biodegradable EnviroLogic hydraulic fluids in their mowers and maintenance equipment.

  • Lowers remediation and repair costs
  • Provides more durability, performs longer and reduces frequency of oil changes
  • Lowers overall turf and equipment maintenance costs
  • Mitigating costs and risks associated with a spill or employee contact

Turf Management Applications

Our uniquely engineered, high performance products are effective for use in the following applications:

  • Mobile hydraulic equipment such as mowers, excavators, tractors and snow throwers
  • Chain saws
  • Under deck and equipment wash (cleaners)
  • Golf ball and cart wash (cleaners)
  • Waterless cleaning in shops and MRO areas (cleaners)
  • Parts cleaning (cleaners)
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*As per OECD 301B or ASTM D7373.