Biodegradeable Grease

Maritime Journal

RSC Bio Solutions, a global company that specialises in environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs) and cleaners, has added a new water resistant, biodegradable grease to its portfolio.

RSC EnviroLogic Grease 2 WREP is a Lithium Complex, extreme pressure grease designed with polyalphaolefin (PAO) and hydrocarbon related type base fluids, which according to RSC Bio Solutions, offers exceptional performance under extreme pressure...

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Fuels, Lubes & Additives: To 2020 and Beyond By Wendy Laursen

Maritime Executive 

As the transition to low-sulfur fuels accelerates, so do the problems. 

The increasingly stringent sulfur requirements set by IMO are already taking their toll in the name of environmental protection with marine insurer Allianz, in its Safety and Shipping Review 2016, noting an increase in machinery claims related to fuel issues...

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RSC Bio Solutions Receives Multiple OEM Approvals, Adding To Extensive List


 RSC Bio Solutions, a global leader in high performance environmentally acceptable lubricants and cleaners, has added several new additions to its expanding list of OEM approvals for use in pumps and elastomers/seals...

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RSC Bio Solutions Produces Plant-based Lubricant for Extreme Industrial Applications

International Dredging Review

RSC Bio Solutions has introduced the FUTERRATM product line of sugar-based bio-refined lubricants that have all the characteristics necessary for use in extreme industrial conditions, while meeting U.S. and global regulations for certification as environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs). They have the same protection ability as petroleum-based lubricating oils.  

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VGP 2013: Propelling Marine Lubricants

Tribology & Lubrication Technology 

Creating safe, environmentally friendly and high-performing lubes required cooperation between lube manufacturers, OEMs and the U.S. government.

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