RSC EnviroLogic® Grease 2 WREP

NEW! RSC EnviroLogic® Grease 2 WREP is a water resistant, extreme pressure, biodegradable Polyalphaolen (PAO) and hydrocarbon related type, Lithium Complex grease. It is specially designed for high performance in a variety of marine and industrial equipment applications where exposure of the lubricant to water and environmental factors is a cause for concern. It is biodegradable and minimally toxic to aquatic life and animals.

RSC EnviroLogic® Grease 2 WREP is an Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL) compliant with 2013 US EPA Vessel General Permit (VGP). It was formulated to meet or exceed conventional and biodegradable greases.

NEW! RSC EnviroLogic® Grease 2 WREP offers:

  • Outstanding water spray off performance
  • Extreme pressure and anti-wear performance
  • Broad operating temperature range (400°F to below freezing)
  • Resistant to water wash out
  • Ferrous and yellow metal corrosion protection
  • Good oxidation stablility
  • Good pumpability
  • Good shear stability
  • Sealing properties to keep out water and debris

Product Number ISO Grade Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Grease 2 WREP 2 Data Sheet Safety Sheet