Campaign Launched to Educate on Dangers of Petroleum-Based Spills

Ship Efficiency Review

RSC Bio Solutions has launched a new education campaign that aims to inform the shipping industry and the general public on the causes and effects of petroleum-based oil spills on both land and water and highlight the importance of adopting sustainable business and personal practices in protecting “The Three Ps” – People, Planet and Profits.

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Interview with Mike Guggenheimer, RSC Bio Solutions

RSC Bio Solutions participated as an exhibitor in SMM 2016, 6-9 September, Hamburg, Germany. GREEN4SEA Team met Mike Guggenheimer, CEO at the exhibition to discuss about company’s latest developments and highlights.

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Revolutionary Bio-based Lubricants Launched


RSC Bio Solutions, a global leader in environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs) and cleaners, announced the launch of FUTERRA™, a new revolutionary product line of bio-based lubricants.  The only hydrocarbon renewable EAL derived from a plant-based material, FUTERRA was designed to outperform other products on the market while meeting the most stringent global environmental regulations at a more attractive price point.

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From Marine to Land-Based Pollution: The Future of Petroleum-based Spill and Leak Penalties and Mandates


There is growing concern regarding the environmental impact and associated costs of petroleum based fluid discharges. Petroleum is persistent and toxic. It damages living organisms including plants, animals and marine life for many years. While many believe that the bulk of this environmental damage is done by major spills, such as the Exxon Valdez or the Deepwater Horizon events, in reality every spill matters. In fact, small leaks account for an overwhelming percentage of all oil-related pollution.

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RSC launches new EAL

The Motorship 

RSC Bio Solutions unveiled its latest development in bio-based lubricant technology at SMM, Futerra.

The new environmentally acceptable lubricant (EAL) is hydrocarbon renewable and is designed to meet the strictest environmental regulations.

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