RSC Bio Solutions Partners with Allied BioScience as a Preferred National Service Provider for SurfaceWise2 Coating Providing Continuous Protection Against COVID-19

August 31, 2020

Follows EPA Emergency Waiver Approval of SurfaceWise2

 CHARLOTTE, NC (August 31, 2020) – RSC Bio Solutions announced today that it is a preferred national service provider for SurfaceWise2, the first antiviral surface coating approved for limited emergency use by the EPA to continuously protect against COVID-19 with a single application. RSC Bio Solutions is authorized by Allied BioScience to provide professional application of SurfaceWise2, in-house application training and certification, surface coating monitoring and regulatory compliance support once the EPA use waiver is approved.

“We are excited about partnering with Allied BioScience, the creator of SurfaceWise2, to offer our customers a solution for with continuous protection against SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19,” said RSC Bio Solutions’ President and CEO Mike Guggenheimer. “As noted by Michael Ruley, CEO of Allied BioScience in the EPA announcement, the EPA approval clears the way to begin effectively protecting consumers against COVID-19 as the only solution proven to provide long-term, non-hazardous surface protection from the virus.”

The addition of RSC Bio Solutions as an Allied BioScience Preferred National Service Provider follows this week’s announcement by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that it has approved a public health emergency exemption waiver for the use of SurfaceWise2 among certain Texas-based customers.

SurfaceWise2 requires professional application, and RSC Bio Solutions has the advanced capabilities to manage the process as a leading provider of products and services in multiple industry sectors including manufacturing and distribution, transportation, governments and municipalities, and healthcare, senior and childcare facilities.

“We are working closely with Allied BioScience on the ongoing EPA state-by-state and national approval process,” said Dr. Larry Beaver, Vice President of Research and Development for RSC Bio Solutions. “We anticipate additional EPA state registrations will follow in the immediate future.”

SurfaceWise2 will be added to RSC Bio Solutions’ Clean-Safely platform which provides integrated solutions that meet the escalating challenge to safely eliminate viral threats in public, commercial, and industrial spaces. As part of RSC Bio Solutions, the business brings 40 years of experience in the high-performance sustainable space for both marine and land applications, and a successful history in the development and application of environmentally-friendly products for diverse industry applications.

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