How long can you go between change-outs?

FUTERRA’s excellent oxidative and hydrolytic stability and near zero foaming tendency, ensure that the fluid will last much longer than other EALs and conventional oils.  Our testing shows that FUTERRA has oxidative stability* of 3 to 4 times longer than other EALs, thus resisting breakdown and extending the life of the fluid (*per RPVOT ASTM D-2270). Extending oxidation stability allows operators to significantly increase the time interval between change-outs. FUTERRA offers the only 10-year warranty for stern tube applications (restrictions apply).

Is it difficult to switch to FUTERRA lubricants?

With FUTERRA, conversion couldn’t be simpler. FUTERRA offers greater flexibility and the ultimate system compatibility, allowing for easy drop-in replacement for mineral oil-based lubricants. And, while many EALs are incompatible with certain types of seals, FUTERRA has very broad seal compatibility, even with most traditional seals like NBR 2 (34% ACN), allowing operators to use the seal that is the best choice for their specific needs.  Please refer to OEM recommendation for seal type to be used with EALs.

What is meant by drop-in replacement?

Drop-in replacement means the ability to replace one fluid with another without any configuration changes, equipment upgrades or negative impacts.

Is the product guaranteed?

Yes, RSC Bio Solutions stands behind our products. In fact, FUTERRA is backed by a limited 10-year warranty for stern tube applications that surpasses anything in the market today.