How do FUTERRA products react with water intrusion (water contamination in a system)?

FUTERRA increases system uptime – like mineral oil, FUTERRA is demulsifying – separating and allowing for the effective removal of water from the fluid and system. Because it is chemically formulated to resist breakdown and to have near zero foam tendency, operators are likely to choose this fluid to extend the time interval between dry docks over other EALs and to increase pump life. With FUTERRA, operators are able to increase the effectiveness of the lubricant, extend service life of the equipment, reduce the need for change-outs and minimize fear of fluid failure.


How can FUTERRA increase operator flexibility?

FUTERRA increases operator flexibility – By meeting the highest global environmental standards, we’ve eliminated a large degree of complexity.  Operators often need to switch equipment or change out products based on where vessels are positioned.  RSC Bio Solutions offers greater flexibility in terms of route changes and equipment because with FUTERRA, you can go anywhere.